Our boards and tables are a great option for that wow factor. We have a selection of board sizes to fit your party or can simply build your masterpiece directly on the table. 



Let us bring the party to you

No matter the occasion, we will come to you and create a tasty board that is sure to impress. Our grazing boards are arranged on beautiful wooden trays paired with knives and decorative bowls. A Picnic Whistler representative will come to your party location, set up your board and come back to collect everything when your party is done. We want you to be able to focus on enjoying time with family and friends, no set up or cleaning necessary. We are happy to work with clients to ensure their board is customized to meet their party needs. 



The centre piece of any party

Best suited for larger events or gatherings, a table setup is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. A luxurious, generous spread, we will work with clients to curate a special feast for both your stomach and eyes. 


We have two options for a table setup:

1) The disposable setup includes a wax paper base. The bowls and cutlery used are recyclable. So after your guests leave, just roll up the wax paper and your table is back to normal. 

2) The full setup includes a multiple level setup with risers and a mixture of ceramic, glass and wooden bowls. Beautiful cheese knives and cutlery are provided where needed. 

We will require 1 hour setup for tables feeding 20+ guests with starting price $700