Each card board box is recyclable and comes with eco friendly serve ware. Delivery within Whistler is free. We even delivery to park. 

The OG Box

The OG box, aka the Original Box, is our definition of the perfect spread.


In every OG box:

- 3 varieties of cheeses

- 3 varieties of meats

- Artisanal crackers & Bread from a local bakery

- Array of spreads & chutneys

- Seasonal local fruits & vegetables

- Pickles, nuts & dried fruit


Can accomodate:

- Gluten free

- Nut Free

- Dairy Free

- Vegetarian

Prices starting at: 

Snack Box $15 (minimum 10 box per order)

Mini Box $40 (minimum 2 box per order)

Small Box $85  (Grazing for 2-4)

Medium Box $130 (Grazing for 6+)

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The Brunch Box

The Brunch Box is our spin on an elevated continental breakfast, perfect for any morning gathering. 


In every Brunch Box:

- Savoury croissants

- Personal parfait cups

- Local Fruits

- One meat and cheese 

- Belgium mountain waffles or muffins

- Jams & caramel 


Can accomodate

- Vegetarian

- Nut Free 

Prices starting at:

Small- $75 (2 person) 

Medium- $110 (4 person)

The Vegan Box

We love plants and have created the perfect box for our vegan and plant-based picnic goers.

In every Vegan Box:

- 2 varieties of vegan cheese

- Plant based dips & chutneys

- Seasonal local fruit & vegetables

- Artisanal crackers 

- Vegan fritters

- Nuts, pickled veg & dried fruit

Can accomodate: 

- Gluten Free

*Cannot be made nut free*

Prices starting at:
Small- $85

Medium- $140

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Size Chart

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